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Pack Your Bag

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Getting ready for a game starts way before you show up at the gym. It includes preparing yourself physically, and making sure you have the right equipment with you when you arrive at the gym. Just like other athletes who bring their equipment, officials have their own set of uniform and equipment that is just as important to make sure you are setup for success on the court. The list below is a sample of what is recommended to bring in your bag for your game assignment.

  • Officials shirt x2 - pack an extra in case yours gets messed up or your partner shows up and forgets theirs. Make sure everyone matches!!

  • Black pants x2 - it only takes one wrong move or stretch to rip a pair of pants. Bring an extra pair

  • Black socks

  • Black shoes - good running shoes make a huge difference in your performance and your feet will thank you

  • Whistle - Fox40 - always have extra whistles

  • Lanyard

  • Current rules book. Be ready to discuss past situations as well as anything that comes up in your game with your partners

  • Snacks - don't count on the school to provide food

  • Pain relief, whether that be just basic Tylenol, or some type of topical muscle ache cream.

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